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The Story of us...

Love is a strong word to use when talking business, but for all of us involved with our family owned and operated Bundaleer Wines, creating wine isn’t just another business, it really is, as they say, a “labour of love.”

Our red wines are made exclusively from grapes we grow at our Bundaleer Vineyard, which we planted in a former orchard area in the Southern Flinders Ranges region of South Australia.

We’re very proud to be from the Southern Flinders Ranges. This area has a lot to do with what makes our wine unique, but perhaps even more than the land, it’s the people involved in every aspect of its production.

My Dad, Graham Spurling, chose this land and planted Shiraz and Cabernet grapes with the help of his old school friend, Des Meaney, in 1998, and our first wine was the 2001 Shiraz. Des sadly passed away in October 2008 but his legacy lives on through the beautiful wines his daughter, winemaker Angela Meaney, creates each season from the vineyard he planted.

Love is a strong word, but here at Bundaleer Wines we’re not afraid to use it.

We love the land, we love our families, and, pretty importantly, we love our wine. We intend to enjoy it for many years to come and we hope you will too.

When I was little all our best holidays were spent with the Meaneys on their farm near Jamestown. When the tall pines of the Bundaleer Forest came into sight, I knew we were nearly there and good times were ahead. We would catch frogs in the creek, play in the hay shed and build campfires. The big kids would give the little kids rides on the motorbikes and we thought that was so cool. Our Mums and Dads would take us for fantastic barbecue picnics in the Meaneys' Hornsdale Hills and we would stay until it was dark. Back then Ang was the best at frog catching. Now she makes Bundaleer Wines and they are delicious and they win awards. The Spurlings and the Meaneys now work together and we are all so proud of our Bundaleer Wines. We still have wonderful bush picnics in the Hornsdale Hills and a new generation enjoys them now too. Not sure Ang could still give me a dink on the motorbike though.